RATES 23.00$ P/P

Immerse yourself in warm pools

Take a dip in “Palma Real” and “Los Papiros” thermal pools and let the warmth and the waterfalls soothe and relax your entire body; or if you prefer, enjoy the confort and hydro massage that provides “Ginger Jacuzzi”, or our newest attraction: “Oasis Jacuzzi”

Hot water that comes from the underground layers of the Earth is called thermal water. A hot spring is created when the underground water is heated by the crust, by geothermal means. Temperature within the Earth increases with depth; it increases 3°C every 100 m (37.4°F every 328 ft) descended. Sometimes water is heated when comes into contact with hot rocks because of the normal increase of temperature of the crust; in other cases, when active volcano zones are present water may be heated when it comes into contact with molten rock or magma.